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Breast Cancer Awareness

Our founder, Dr. Domanskis, a practicing plastic surgeon, has been involved with breast cancer in several ways. He has treated patients as a general surgery resident, and he has performed reconstructive breast surgery as a plastic surgeon. His grandmother as well as his mother-in-law, Delilah Miller, died from breast cancer.

This has influenced and motivated Dr. Domanskis to place the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on all his products as well as donate a portion of the proceeds from their sale to help fight this deadly disease and to find a cure. Breast cancer’s incidence has been decreasing in the past five years, mainly due to earlier detection and better treatment, but it still affects about one in nine women. This fight is just as important as preserving and saving earth’s resources!

Dr. Domanskis encourages other companies to do likewise. We must help in every way possible to first continue the decrease in breast cancer incidence and also detect breast cancer, not only in women, but also in men, at the earliest possible stage. Finally, we must cure those that develop it and prolong and enrich the lives of those that are still struggling to overcome breast cancer.

In order to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, Dr. Domanskis has produced this companion video to our Organoderm Breast Cream to educate you in Breast Self-Examination. We hope this will help in early breast cancer detection. We encourage everyone to be pro-active!

Breast Self-Examination