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Recyclable Containers

Organoderm has developed a unique recycling program. OD is thoroughly committed to helping preserve our precious resources and not add, in any way possible, to our ever enlarging landfills.

All of our containers, caps, foamers, and tubes are either made of PETE(#1 on recycling code) or Polypropelene(# 5 on recycling code), which are both readily and fully recyclable. You will find the recyclable symbol and code imprinted on the bottom of all our containers. We even use a special ink on our labels to make sure that it does not interfere but actually facilitates the recycling process.

We experimented with PLA,which is a corn resin for our containers, but found few companies that process this material, and its actual rate of decomposition in the ground is extremely slow. Also, there is still concern of containers made of PLA having a low melting point. If this changes in the future, we will re-consider its use for Organoderm skin care products. However, it is probably more prudent to use corn to feed the world population rather than using it to make containers for skin care products!

Organoderm product sizes have also been purposely made larger than the skin care industry standards in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Because of this, we use about 30% less container material overall. Finally, we use no external wrap, tags, packaging or boxes, which further reduces the need to cut down any trees! Also, our products are shipped to you, our customers, in fully recyclable envelopes.

With your help, Organoderm, through its unique recycling program, makes a giant leap forward in eliminating all of our containers from landfills. For those that do not have recycling bins in which to place our recyclable containers, Organoderm provides you a downloadable label here from the United States Post Office. After cutting out the small label, you need only affix it to any of our containers, preferably with a non-toxic degradable glue(like Elmer’s) and drop it into any mailbox in the United States. The container will be sent directly to our contracted Recycling company(Allan Company in Baldwin Park, California) for full recycling. Organoderm even pays for the postage!

We follow the guidelines and recommendations of the recycling industry as to the materials we have used for the containers, caps, labels and even the ink on the labels and imprinting of the recycling codes on the bottom of our containers. This facilitates full recycling. Organoderm is hopeful that in the coming years, Allan Company will open their plant which will recycle our empty containers into “new” recyclable containers for our products!

Organoderm supports national recycling efforts through sponsoring public service announcements.