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USDA Certified Products

In 1990, Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act and organized a system to certify fruits and vegetables as being free of pesticides, hormones, and to be overseen by an approved certifier. In addition, these products were required to be produced without using ionizing radiation. Labeling standards were placed into effect, based on whether a product was made up of 100%(excluding water) or at least 95% certified organic ingredients. Those that met these requirements,  were able to claim this on their labels, as well as display the USDA Organic logo or seal attesting to this. Those products that were produced with at least 70% certified organic ingredients could not use this logo or seal, but could say that they were “made with organic ingredients”. Very strict guidelines for the certification process and use of the logo and wording on the labels were put in place with fines for misuse.

These standards have since been applied to products other than foods, like skin care, with exactly the same requirements for use of the logo, and wording restrictions. Generally, all non-synthetic substances are allowed in organic product formulations while all synthetic ingredients are prohibited. Skin care products are especially difficult to certify because of the very limited list of organic ingredients that can be used, primarily, the inability to use synthetic preservatives as well as emulsifiers.

Also, USDA certified skin care products handling and processing is stringently and uniformly controlled. The absence of synthetic ingredients, and those that are animal based, requires more difficult formulating. Organoderm has overcome these obstacles and has been able to achieve refined organic formulations and are also extremely effective in skin care treatment!

Organoderm has met these strict criteria of the USDA for many of its products and the Circle of Green certification for all of its skin care line. The OD products, like our Olive Cucumber and Watercress Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Olive Cucumber and Watercress Light Moisturizer for Face and Body, Organic Raw Sugar Exfoliator for Face and Rough Body Areas, and Weatherproof Lip Balm, are rated as 95% plus certified organic (certification performed by Oregon Tilth). Therefore, the USDA official logo or seal as well as the Circle of Green logo are prominently displayed on our products. It assures you, the consumer, that what you are putting on your skin is as organically pure as that you are putting in your mouth. Organoderm is proud to have achieved this recognition with our products!