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Our Goals

It is our desire to make ORGANODERM skin care products actually help your skin and at the same time not hurt the environment. We want transparency and sustainability so that you can make an accurate determination of what you are buying and the potential benefits or damage it could do to yourself and/or the Earth

We want skin care products to be Truly EFFECTIVE in RESTORING, PROTECTING and MAINTAINING your skin:

1) Be free of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients

2) Have fewer ingredients to make the ones in the formulations more concentrated and so more effective

3) Have truth in labeling

4) Be free of animal testing

5) Have containers that are clear and not hide the products

6) Limit extraneous packaging,

7) Be clearly identifiable as a green product

8) Be in fully recyclable containers.

9) Be in over-sized containers to limit the waste in our landfills.

10) Donate a minimum of 10% of their net proceeds to curing cancer.

We have achieved these goals with our Organoderm Skin Care product line. Organoderm Skin Care products have far less ingredients in effective elegant formulations with no harmful chemicals in fully recyclable containers and no extraneous packaging! Good for your Skin, Good for the Earth!