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Our Philosophy

Dr. Edward Domanskis is the Founder of ORGANODERM. This is his philosophy in his own words:

"I constantly see damaged or unhealthy skin in my cosmetic plastic surgery practice. I came to the realization that it is much easier to prevent or forestall these changes than to treat them.

I began using various available skin care products with noticeable beneficial effects. However, as I became more conscious and knowledgeable about ingredients, I started reading the labels of these products closely. What became shockingly clear to me was that I was exposing myself and my skin to an encyclopedic list of chemicals. I found further that most of these chemicals were not even naturally derived but synthetic and artificial and that some were even judged harmful by reputable governmental agencies.

This led me to stop using them and to begin a quest for skin care products that were derived from natural, botanical, organic sources and not derived from non-living but synthetic, artificial or inorganic ones. Equally important for me was that the formulation did not sacrifice any effectiveness and was at least comparable to the synthetic, inorganic skin care products widely available. In my search, I did find several companies that were already producing natural products, but found that the listed ingredients were not actually all natural but did contain synthetic ones, just less of them! Further, I was disappointed in the products consistency, odor, color, texture and stability.

That is when I decided to formulate my own skin care products that would meet my strict criteria: 1) be totally derived from living matter, natural, organic, botanical ingredients; 2) be elegant in their formulation; and, 3)effective in treating the skin. The evolution of my Organoderm skin care products has taken several years, mainly because some of the ingredients required were not available. Because of the growing awareness and consumer demand for organic, and natural products, these ingredients have become available. So I have been able to overcome these obstacles and achieve my goals. My Organoderm skin care line is derived from organic, natural, botanical ingredients in formulations that are not only elegant and rich but also effective! Furthermore, I have successfully achieved these formulations with fewer ingredients that are all active in preventing and correcting skin damage and maintaining its healthy appearance.

Also, it seemed totally inappropriate to place my products in non-degreadable containers. So I have only used containers, caps and pumps with no extraneous packaging and a unique recycling program. Finally, I have super-sized my Organoderm products to diminish the wasteful and unnecessary use of these recyclable containers."