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Dr. Edward DomanskisDr. Edward Jonas Domanskis, a practicing plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California has worked on the research and development of the Organoderm Skin Care products for over ten years. 

Not only was the product line formulated with naturally bio-active and organic ingredients with the consumer’s skin health top priority, but the packaging was developed with recyclable components with our own Free Consumer Recycling Program on this web site. The absence of excessive and deceptive paper cartons and inserts is to raise awareness through conscious consumption. This not only helps protect our environment with less trees destroyed, it raises planet conservation responsibility in the minds of all consumers to reduce waste and diminish our landfills. 

Organoderm products are in larger sized offerings than the traditional skin care products now on the market to reduce our carbon footprint with less containers in the environment and offer more quality product at an overall less expensive price per ounce to the consumer without impacting efficacy.  

Additionally, ingredients selected are harvested in a manner to protect our delicate eco-system, to preserve and sustain natural botanical sources and the surrounding fawn and flora. As a doctor, the amount of harmful chemicals used in skin care was a driving force to present to consumers a line that was composed of the safest and highest nutritional ingredients for skins of all ages and conditions. Organoderm is the first plastic surgeon developed and recommended product group to contain certified organic USDA products and natural bio-active/certified ingredient formulations.