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This is one of the best lines I've ever sampled. (PA)

The breast cream and the exfoliant worked wonders on my skin. I am losing weight and my facial skin started hanging around my mouth.
I used your product on my face and after two treatments my skin smoothed out and tighted up! My skin is clear and glowing!(Anna Carter)

I have been using your product and I LOVE IT!!!!!!(PH)

I love my Organaderm! The body lotion is awesome and I love the scrub and cleanser.(Angela)

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM. Love them, love them, love them. My skin has never looked better. My plan had been to try them out for a couple of days and then give the rest away to a couple of friends and family members to try. Instead, I gave some to one friend, some to my mom, and kept the rest for myself, because I couldn't bear to just give it all away. My friend, by the way, has had the same experience I have had with the products. She has the world's most sensitive skin, and right now it looks the best I've ever seen it-(Terri)

I've been using it for about a month now and have been thrilled with the results and feel of the products. And I feel like I've tried everything (well, maybe not everything - but close to it.)(Leslee)

The product is not expensive so you are open to larger market and it is priced so that it is not "cheap" either.Christine

I am so excited! I have bought the Organic Body Cream and I really like it. Thank you so much!(Delphine)

The spf lotion you gave us is AMAZING!! Thank you!(Jessica)

Thanks, as always, for making such gorgeous products - as you can see, I'm selling them without too much trouble!(TB)

I have seen a remarkable difference in the appearance of my skin. I have been using the products for about a month! THANKS!(Michelle)

I have tried a lot of different lines but they have all been too irritating. I have found your Organoderm to be gentle but effective. I recommend them to everyone.(Julia)\

we're selling the foaming cleanser like crazy. I've tried about 12 different cleansers now, because I sell them, and I keep coming back to yours. So thanks!!!!(Terri)

I started using the products recently. My skin feels great and no adverse effects.(Mary Ann)

I just wanted to express my personal feelings about how wonderful and intelligent your facial care regimen truly is. I especially enjoy the larger sized products, the reasonable prices and the effective sunscreen lotion. (TW)

The line looks fantastic.(KM)

I absolutely love your site!(HA)

We got the products and really like them.(SU)

Regarding the products.....I am now a faithful user of your Cleanser. It might be my imagination, however my skin looked brighter after using the product. After my first use of the product, it brought a couple of pimples out that were trying to rear their ugly heads and dried them up withing 48 hours! I am really, really very impressed with the products.....you have 2 new customers in our office!(Cyndi)

I love the body cream! It is the best I've ever used! I love the products.(Jessica)

We would like to commend you on a wonderful product line.(Marlene)

The products work well and it’s refreshing to see how few and how natural the ingredients are. (LT)

I received the products yesterday. I used the products immediately and loved them. (JW)