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Why Organoderm

ORGANODERM was developed by Dr.Domanskis after much research and clinical testing to effectively deliver the most natural Bio-Active ingredients to REJUVENATE, ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN radiant skin without the inclusion of harmful chemicals.
ORGANODERM SKIN CARE is for all generations and genders who are concerned about looking good but also staying healthy

If you are concerned about health and safety, then you will look towards organic products. Regardless of whether we ingest them or place them on our skin, our largest organ, the majority of products and their ingredients find their way into our bodies. These then can affect our entire health and well-being causing allergies, hormonal and reproductive issues, and cancer. Toxins are non-discriminatorily absorbed. Some cause harmful effects immediately, while others after frequent exposure.

Organic means that the ingredients are derived from living matter such as plants, vegetables and fruits and not synthetically. This assures you that the ingredients will be fresher with a higher concentration of nutrients and vitamins. They will be most pure and should cause less reactions than toxic, synthetic non-organic ingredients.

In clinical studies, organic skin care products have been found to be as effective as those formulated with modified man-made ingredients. It is no wonder that organic skin care products use is exponentially increasing in concert with organic food products.

Fortunately, the USDA provides guidance through its National Organic Program of the food we buy and as an extension, the skin care products we use. By recognizable labeling, specifically its familiar USDA NOP seal, it certifies that strict and verified production, handling and processing standards have been followed of the organic ingredients used to manufacture those organic products like most of my Organoderm Skin Care Products.

The USDA seal guarantees to the consumer that 95% of the ingredients in a skin care product are certified organic. The remaining 5% come from a designated short non-organic list. This uniform certification and labeling is the gold standard for skin care products.

O organic, natural bio-actives products with outstanding results
R recyclable, environmentally conscious packaging
G goal to give you the best skin possible
A awareness and responsibility for our planet is part of the company’s philosophy
N nutrition for healthy, glowing skin
O offerings for consumers that are exclusive to Organoderm users
D Dr. developed, approved, and recommended
E EFFECTIVE in restoring,protecting and maintaining your skin
R research ongoing for expanded organic products
M money saving product sizes and free recycling program for users