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About Us

Welcome to Organoderm. This new and plastic surgeon developed line is formulated with certified organic and the most efficacious botanical bio-active ingredients that are the purest and gentlest skin perfectors that nature has to offer.
Our skin care products are very unique and stand apart. Dr.Domanskis, a leading skin care expert and practicing plastic surgeon, formulated his Organoderm skin care products to be effective in restoring your skin to a healthy, radiant state and to help maintain it that way. We guarantee that you will see results, sometimes in as quickly as several weeks if you follow Dr.Domanskis’ regimen.
Since Organoderm products have far less ingredients, the chances of hypersensitivity or allergies is greatly diminished. Also, because they are specifically formulated that way, the percentage of active ingredients is much greater, which increases their effects and boosts their potency.
Just as importantly, NO TOXIC or Harmful ingredients are present in ANY of our products. You will absolutely find no Parabens, Pthalates,or Perfumes.
Our Organoderm products have absolutely NO NANOS or tiny ingredient particles which could harm you.
Furthermore, NONE have been tested on animals.
Many are composed of 95% plus CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS by the USDA National Organic Program, the gold standard for certification, and are also VEGAN. Please refer to each specific skin care product. The scents are all natural with no perfumes added. The rich formulations are ideal for any skin type.
Dr.Domanskis specifically formulated his Organoderm skin care products with the finest ingredients and we know that you will not only enjoy using them, but also be surprised and delighted with the results.